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Why choosing a boutique estate agent to sell my property
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You’re thinking of selling your property and with this comes a choice: which estate agent should I choose?

Do I list my property with the biggest estate agent or do I opt for a boutique one? It's an important decision.

Here are the chief reasons why using our boutique estate agent is the right choice.

Quality v. quantity

The successful sale of YOUR property is everything that matters to us. In order to guarantee it, we manage a maximum of five properties at a time.

Our commitment to managing a maximum of five properties for sale at any one time brings you many benefits. Traditional estate agents, including luxury agencies, sell tens and sometimes hundreds of properties at a time. Each of their agents must manage the marketing of between 15 and 20 properties at the same time. Their goal is to sell a certain number of properties each month, but not specifically YOURS.

We devote all our efforts to selling YOUR property. Selling your home is our only priority. Instead of focusing on the number of homes we sell, we can concentrate on providing a customised and efficient service.

International focus

Some local estate agents are afraid of international customers. Their agents don’t always speak foreign languages, they aren't at ease when dealing with different cultures and they don’t fully understand the administrative, contractual and legal procedures involved when the seller and/or buyer is a non-resident.

At Dupont Estate we welcome both local and international sellers and buyers. We speak Spanish, Catalan, English, and French fluently and we love dealing with different cultures and mastering the buying procedures a non-resident has to go through when selling or purchasing a property in Spain.

This is particularly important if your property is likely to be purchased by a foreigner.

A culture focused on customer service

Boutique estate agents are extremely specialised businesses with a culture centred on customer service and professionalism. Unlike large estate agents, our primary goal is not to build a business empire or to sell franchises but to ensure that our customers prosper through the sale of their properties.

We know that your opinion has a more significant impact on us than on a large estate agent. We must perform consistently excellent work to maintain our reputation. For this reason, we have to care more about your rights and strive to achieve your full satisfaction.

Innovation and customisation happen more quickly

Agencies of all sizes now have the same degree of access to real estate information, data, and technology. But boutique firms specialise the marketing of your home even more than large firms and can do so much more quickly.

At Dupont Estate online and offline property marketing forms part of our DNA. Most of it is in-house so that you won’t need to wait for weeks before your home is represented in the marketplace and responses to any issues that may arise will be much more rapid.

Your transaction is always performed with the same agent

Large estate agents have a high turnover of agents, more bureaucracy, company regulations and separations of duties, which often results in their homeowner clients having several interlocutors and different agents to show their home throughout the process.

To be more efficient, at Dupont Estate homeowners have a single contact person - an advisor from start to finish who oversees their transaction and knows their home very well in order to present it in the best possible light.

With us you don't have to go through a call centre, you won't get lost in any paperwork or important information in the process, so you can be sure you are well informed and represented throughout the entire process.

Accuracy, transparency and honesty

No one is infallible, but we'll never generate false expectations about the price or the time of sale of your home. We always tell you the truth, even if it hurts, providing information to justify it. We guarantee that we'll always prioritise your interests, not our sales figures.

You'll always be fully informed and we'll do everything in our hands to make the process of selling or buying your home a pleasant and beneficial experience for you. We'll provide you with expert, comprehensive and sympathetic accompaniment throughout the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

This is why we support and subscribe to the Code of Ethics for estate agents in Catalonia.

Competitive fees

It surprises many people to learn that a boutique estate agent won't cost you a penny more. In fact, because we don’t have to spend any money on flashy and expensive street-level offices, fancy software for franchises and employees or costly marketing campaigns to engage property owners, we can offer you competitive fees.

Depending on the expected sale price of your home and the municipality in which it is located, our fees range from 2% to 6% plus VAT.

Boutique estate agents have historically outperformed large estate agents. They have smaller clienteles, but make up for this by guaranteeing a higher success rate and an impeccable service. Over 50% of all property transactions involve an independent estate agent.

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We strive to ensure that you make the most informed decisions and enjoy a pleasant and enriching experience.

We are committed to providing you with the most personalised and efficient real estate service available in Barcelona, Sitges and Vilanova i la Geltrú.